Strong-Willed Kids

If you are Raising a Strong willed toddler, kid, or teen, you are familar with the power struggle 

A lot of the stereotypes about strong-willed, high spirited kids are actually

But did you know


Strong Willed Kids are Actually do not

have thick skin. They are actually very sensitive and Intune to emotions. (click below for 5 other myths)

Also, there are serious conditions 

that mimic strong willed behavior in kids and be the actual cause of bad behavior in a seemingly spirited child. 

For example

Sensory Processing Disorder, and associated temper tantrums can mimic strong-willed behavior in kids. (click below for 4 other conditions that can mimic bad behavior)


luckily, there are ways  to  parent  and disciplinestrong kids without...

Hurting their heart

or causing intense amounts of family conflict

Empower       &


Your Strong-Willed Kid with these simple parenting tips based in positive discipline


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