Parents Guide to 

Raising Boys into Men

"My young boys are perfect gentlemen"

-Said no mom ever

urge to touch every worm, wrestle every human, and jump off anything taller than them...

while I admire my son's

I still feel that as parents

it is our responsibility to teach them how to focus their energy in positive ways and guide them. While still NOT crushing their spirit.

Call me old-fashioned

but I want to raise my two sons to be classic, little gentlemen who are confident enough to listen to their hearts, love their family, and look out for those who are weaker than them. 

I want to maintain a close bond

with my growing son as he turns into a preteen and teenager (with these tips below)


And make sure he is the kid of boy that his future companions want to bring home to their families

Luckily, these 7 lessons

can help raise any boy into a gentlemen. The tips are simple. And they are realistic.

Empower       &


Your developing son with these simple life lessons in chivalry, kindness, bravery, and more.


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