need their parents to stop doing these things

Kids with  "Poor Me" Mindsets 

Many modern kids are being raised with a "poor me" or victim mentality

-Said no mom ever

So, what exactly is that?

an unhealthy, self-destructive “poor me” attitude, that leads to a hard time handling normal life circumstances

A victim mentality is

There are 4 tell tale signs that you are raising a kid with

a "poor me" mindset

1) They "predict" bad outcomes

They may avoid even slightly risky behavior. Example: “if I ride my bike, I will probably fall off and break my arm.”

2) Blame others when things go wrong

Nothing is ever their fault. Ex: "My teacher didn't tell me I had to study for that test!"

3) They wallow in self-pity

You might hear your "poor me" child say things like "that's not fair, I NEVER get to do anything fun"

4) They over-exaggerate negative events

“every single time I try to play outside it rains.”

Luckily, there is something you can do about it!

Raise Kids with a Growth Mindset by making these

5 Parenting Adjustments


Empower       &


Your child to a Growth Mindset with These Parenting Tips


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