I am Raising my Kids Like it's the 90's

dressing them in windbreakers, or putting butterfly clips in their hair while Jamming to 90's Hip Hop but.....

No, I'm not

I am stealing these parenting methods from my childhood to raise my kids...

a "poor me" mindset

1) Dirt Don't hurt

In fact, dirt is HEALTHY for kids. Modern parents try to keep their kids germ free, but dirt is filled with both healthy bacteria and HOURS of natural sensory play for kids. 

Remember chasing fireflies late on summer nights? Parents these days are too dependent on routines. Allow your kid to experience spontaneity 

2) Step Away from the Routines...

3) If it's nice, Get outside

As long as it isn’t raining or frigid temperatures, we go outside. They run around, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy being kids. 

4) Cool it on the gift giving

Studies show that LESS toys lead to MORE play. Try giving experience gifts instead

Kids need to be loud, feel free, be bored and make mistakes

Empower       &


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