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10 Simple and Cute Pregnancy Announcement Picture Ideas

When it comes time to announce your pregnancy, you may be full of emotions; yet, coming up short on ideas of how to do it.

If you are looking for an easy and creative way to announce your upcoming pregnancy, whether it be your first, second, or beyond, check out these 10 simple ideas.

1)Kids Reading a Baby Book

2) Announcement Balloons

3) Pet Announcement

Brittany is a dog lover, who announced her pregnancy with the above pictures. Brittany’s blog, Beautiful You Lifestyle, focuses on the raw journey of pregnancy to postpartum to motherhood. It talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of each stage and how you can make the bad/ugly phases easier!

4) Felt-board Sign

Some Ideas include:

  • There is someone special we can’t wait to meet; our family is growing by one heart and two feet
  • If you think I’m trouble, wait until you meet my partner in crime

5) Family Shoes with Extra Pair

Natalie announced her pregnancy with this picture. Natalie’s blog, Who are you Calling Mum?, focuses on adapting to this new all-consuming life, where priorities have shifted and it is entirely possible to forget who we once were. Her goal is to find some kind of balance and feeling of individuality which can so easily be lost as we navigate the world of motherhood.

6) Kid’s Shirt Announcement

Maria let the world know about her pregnancy with this above picture. Maria’s write about blogging, home tips, motherhood, finance, and more in her blog Blogging for a Reason. Check it out!

Jenise announced her recent pregnancy with the above picture. Jenise’s blog  Baby O and I focuses on infant/toddler sleep and development. 

7) Holiday-themed or Seasonal Announcements

Ashley, in the above Christmas-themed picture, is the creator of Everybody’s Fed, Nobody’s Dead– a blog about motherhood, depression, and imperfection.

This adorable fall-themed photo was created by Tracy, the Mom Blogger behind Mama’s Many Loves, where she blogs about about family, kids, kid-friendly recipes and soon to be adding a travel series!

8) Expiration Notice

Sharon announced her second pregnancy with this picture above. Sharon’s blog, The Helpful GF, focuses on making living gluten-free totally stress-free by doing the planning & researching for my readers.

9) Sonogram Picture

The above picture was supplied by Jalina, creator of This Side of If a blog about the unique joys and emotional challenges of motherhood after infertility. 

You can also incorporate siblings into sonogram announcements like Nicole did below.

Nicole’s blog, Straight Forward Mom, focuses on helping other moms with self care and motherhood trials and triumphs

10) Sentimental Announcement

Jalina announced a subsequent pregnancy with the below picture, which holds a lot of meaning to her. She explains:

Our second son (born May 2018) was conceived after a miscarriage. We announced his pregnancy on our 6-year wedding anniversary in October, so we shared the announcement picture with the caption “6 years later…” .

In the announcement, I am wearing my wedding dress. We originally wanted my husband to wear his Dress Blues but thought that would be disrespectful as the uniform no longer fit well and he did not have the proper haircut, so instead, we included the Dress Blues in the background. We had just moved to Upstate New York from Southern California the week before, which we represented with a scene of beautiful greenery and fall foliage! Also in the background is a small cross, as my husband and I had been newly baptized together earlier that year. Of course, Big Brother was included, wearing his “Big Brother” shirt!

This announcement was symbolic of all the changes that had happened since our wedding day 6 years prior and was a fun 6-year followup kind of picture as well as a pregnancy announcement!

Final Thoughts

Keep your announcement simple, incorporate your family, and enjoy this special time.

Oh yes, and Congratulations!

If you found this helpful, share it! And check out some other recent posts!

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Thursday 15th of August 2019

love these ideas. When I did my announcement, I had my daughter make some big hold made sign. She loved becoming a big sissy.

Jennifer Maune

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

I always love the holiday-themed announcements. I love seeing all of the creative ones!


Brittany Fiero

Saturday 10th of August 2019

Oh my gosh. I'm starting to have baby fever now! These are such adorable ideas!!!


Friday 9th of August 2019

Wow, you really summed up all the good baby announcements! These are all awesome!


Friday 9th of August 2019

These are all so adorable! I love seeing people's baby announcements and remember how fun and excited we were to share ours!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.