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How Understanding Your Kid’s Personality Type will Help you Connect on a Whole New Level

When you learn which personality type your kid identifies with, you can bond on a whole new level.

You wouldn’t pour dog food over your flowers to help them bloom.

And your goldfish wouldn’t thrive if you only fed it steak.

Of course you wouldn’t expect the local birds to grow if you fill the birdfeeder with miracle grow. That would be ridiculous.

Similarly, you can’t expect your children to grow and thrive emotionally if you don’t give them what they need.

So, what does your kid need?

Introducing Personality-Focused Parenting

Designating personality types dates as far back as Ancient Greece.

Way back in Hippocrates days, the philosopher proposed two types of temperament: hot/cold and moist/dry, resulting in four combinations of these qualities. The hot and dry combination was referred to as yellow bile, and the cold and dry was known as black bile. The hot and wet was blood and cold and wet was phlegm.

Although this is totally gross, the idea of four primary personality types has evolved many times over the years (such as with the DISC profile, which this is based off of).

It is no surprise that children have different personality types too. Their personality type influences what motivates them, makes them feel loved, and helps them grow emotionally.

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As parents, if we learn how to adjust our parenting based on our kids, we can raise emotionally intelligent humans.

Four Personality Types for Kids

Of course there are not FOUR different types of people. Most of us have some traits that overlap and cross between these types, but there is usually one that we can identify with more than the others.

There are two main factors that contribute to your kid’s personality:

  1. If they are outgoing or reserved
  2. If they are people-oriented or task-oriented

These categories will determine which of these four categories your kid falls into, and further what motivates and stimulates your child:

The Dominant Lion

If your child is strong-willed, determined, and slightly demanding, they may be a “lion”. They are often competitive and dedicated.

These children thrive on results, winning, and clear directions. Clear expectations and routines work well for dominant children.

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The Expressive Dolphin

Your child is in the expressive category if they are sociable, enthusiastic, and interactive.

Strict routines make “dolphins” uncomfortable. They like surprises, affection, and recognition from the people they love.

The Supportive Dog

The “dog” is caring, supportive, and loyal. These children are often non-confrontational and enjoy peace.

Children in this category prefer predictable routines, low-risk activities, and lots of affection.

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The Analytical Snake

Just like a snake, an analytical child is cautious, calculated, and private.

Kids with this personality type want to be spoken to like an adult. They are mature, and enjoy learning and being right. Even if they are too prideful to admit they are wrong, they need much support.

Personality Based Motivation

Based on your kid’s personality type, they will respond to different triggers and motivational methods.

I am a dog, married to a dolphin, raising a lion a dolphin, and a dog. What is your family dynamic? Comment below!

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