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A Non-Technical Mom’s Honest GoPro Review

This past year, we were on a quest for a gift for my 7 year old son that he would ACTUALLY use. He had towers of legos, piles of little toys, and so many Pokemon cards that it would even give a hoarder anxiety.

He occasionally played with his toys, but he was an outdoor kid. He didn’t like to sit still for long. My husband suggested getting him a sports camera. I loved the idea, so we began reading reviews. We bought the GoPro Hero 7 for my son, and a cheaper alternative, the Yi Lite, for my daughter.

Since I am not a very technical person, this is more of an “honest Mom” review of these two products. Below, I compare the cost, capabilities and durability, video quality, and ease of use between these two tiny-sized sports cameras.

GoPro Hero 7 Review

After reading reviews, we decided to purchase the GoPro.


The GoPro Hero 7 was the priciest sports camera we reviewed. We purchased it on sale for around $300. We asked other family members to pitch in on the gift, instead of buying a different toy. Check it out here:

Capabilities and Durability

The primary reason we chose the GoPro was that it is water-proof and virtually indestructible. We decided that if it would last longer, then it was the best option for us. Trust me, if my 7 year old son hasn’t broke it yet, I imagine you can run a Mac Truck over it.

We purchased this accessory kit. It allows you to strap the GoPro on to a selfie stick, wear the GoPro, and much more. It was well-worth the price.

It can take video, snap shot, time-lapse video, and burst-mode pictures. It is a fantastic underwater camera. Take a look at our review and video examples below:

Video Quality

The GoPro takes great pictures and videos, especially in outdoor scenarios. It is a widescreen view, so sometimes I have had to edit the videos and zoom in because the image looks too far away.

Ease of Use

The GoPro couldn’t be easier to use. There is an on-off button, which also changes the camera mode (ex: video vs. snapshot). Without reading the manual, my 7 year old was able to quickly figure out how to use it.

There are other brands of waterproof camera’s available. Depending on what you are using it for, these could be a great option. If this is for a child, or for very casual use, these are much more affordable options (usually under $100). Here is an example for your review.

Yi Lite Review

An alternative option is the Yi Lite.


We purchased the Yi Lite for under $80. It is a much more affordable video camera option.

Capabilities and Durability

The Yi Lite has similar settings to the GoPro, but it is NOT waterproof. It works perfectly for my 6 year old to take little videos around the house or on trips, but if you are looking for a super-durable, waterproof camera- then this is not a good option.

It doesn’t “feel” as durable as the GoPro; however, we have never had any issues with it.

Video Quality

The video quality on the Yi is fantastic. It has an option to record in 4K, as well. This non-technical mom’s husband explains that as “very good quality”.

Ease of Use

Using the Yi Lite was like second nature for my 6 year old daughter.


If you are looking for an indestructible, waterproof camera, then the GoPro is a fantastic purchase. My son uses it constantly, and it occupies him for hours. We use it to record sporting events, vacations, and backyard fun with the GoPro. In fact, my only “complaint” is that these are so small (smaller than my fist), that my kids easily misplace them.

The Yi Lite is a great, much more affordable option- if you do not require this camera to be waterproof.

Regardless of which option fits your needs, any kid (or adult) will have hours of recorded fun with these cameras.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.