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What are Anchor Routines and How do They Strengthen Your Family Bond?

Learn all about what anchor routines are, how to develops ones for your family, and the awesome impact it has on developing family.

If you asked my closest companions to describe me in one way, I can bet they would all say the same thing: that I am a go-with-the-flow kind of person.

This is a generally a good quality, right? However, when I had children, I quickly learned that this live-in-the-moment mindset mixed with regular routines as well as water mixes with oil.

I am one of those let’s-skip-nap-and-go-to-the-park-before-it-rains moms.

You want to cuddle in my bed tonight, instead of sleeping in your own bed? I’d love that.

You want to stay up past your bedtime and catch fireflies outside? Sure, why not!

I have mom-friends that live and breath by their routines, and while I secretly envy their level of dedication to the organization and control, it just never worked for me.

Our free lifestyle worked. It truly did.

Then, suddenly, some sudden spikey little virus rolled in, shutting down schools, places of business, and life as we knew it.

It left this me feeling like our family was on a lost ship in rocky waters.

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What is an Anchor Routine?

Anchors are routines, habits, and traditions that intentionally connect you (or anchor you) to your family. 

Consider what an actual anchor does: it prevents a ship from drifting away. Similarly, for human, anchor habits and routines keep them in their intended direction.

When I first heard of anchor routines, it was in regards to being productive with your goals. However, I realized how valuable these types of traditions are in creating a solid and stable family foundation.

Anchor routines are meaningful moments that help your family connect, relax, and develop memories.

How do you Develop Anchor Routines for Your Family?

With the help of Anchor routines, you can still provide a steady and stable foundation for your children, even in the absence of strict daily schedules.

Developing simple daily, weekly, and monthly Anchor routines and traditions will give your kids something to look forward to, something to rely on, and solid memories as they grow older.

In our home, we have the following anchor routines:

  • Daily Anchors
  • Weekly Anchors
    • Saturday morning bacon and eggs
    • Movie night on the weekend
    • Get take out on Friday nights
    • Have a boardgame night (check out these Board games for 5 year olds)
  • Monthly Anchors
    • Monthly family meeting
    • Mom and dad date night
    • Holiday/vacation/weekend adventures

Make sure you check out this family meeting agenda.

There is a good chance that you are already have some intentional family traditions and routines.

Sometimes, it just takes a moment of reflection to note what you are already doing and to plan more routines.

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Final Thoughts on Anchor Routines

Be the captain of your families ship and lead them into steady waters with these simple anchor routines. Use these routines to stabilize your family environment even when life feels unpredictable.

Even if you lose your direction (which we all have from time to time), the anchor will bring you back to the original course.

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