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Simplify Photography

Photography is an amazing, dynamic hobby. It is full of challenges, obstacles, and sweet successes. Just when you think you have it mastered, you learn something new.

No one (and I mean NO ONE) ever picked up a new camera and was an automatic pro. Additionally, you can read hundreds of articles on your camera, but until you actually practice it will never CLICK (pun intended!)

Let me teach you what took me years to learn through video tutorials, free printable guides, and easy to understand articles. Let me simplify photography for you. Let me help you learn and love your camera.

If you are new to photography, I have loads of free tutorials and resources, The following posts include free youtube tutorials, and a free downloadable Ebook. All free, and all made by yours truly! Start here:

If you combine these tutorials with some good old-fashioned hard work, then you will be Simply Snapping in no time!

What are you interested in?

Camera settings explained: what are all those numbers and letters on my camera?

Looking for DIY Photography Project Ideas?

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