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5 Remarkable Life Lessons Kids Learn from Watching Dad

What do kids learn from dad? In the journey of life, father figures play a significant role in shaping the lives of their children. From teaching essential life skills to imparting valuable lessons, their influence often extends far beyond the boundaries of the family unit. Let’s look at 5 things that kids learn from interacting with their father.

We caught my son in a lie.

In three days, he ordered over $200 worth of digital “accessories” and fake money for an online game he plays.

When my husband and I confronted him, he was well-prepared with a ridiculous lie about not even being on his tablet and hearing that kids were hacking into accounts.

As a mother, I handled the situation with every emotion possible. First, I almost believed his silly excuse. Then, I was hurt that he lied. Then, I was worried that there must be something wrong if he would lie so quickly.

My husband on the other hand, handled the situation in a calm – yet very stern way.

He made it clear to our son why it was not acceptable to lie and what consequences he would face (a week off from his computer game). He handled it efficiently and my son learned a lesson.

Society often talks about how important the mother’s role is for childhood development, but what about all the important life lessons and skills that kids learn from watching dad?

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5 Things That Kids Learn from Dad

Studies suggest that children with involved dads or father figures are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem and positive social behavior.

So, what are the exact skills that kids are absorbing from spending time with their old man?

Whether you have daughters or sons, fathers play a very important role. Let’s dive into 5 important things kids learn from watching their father.

1) How to Treat Mom and Other Family Members

Children of all ages are always listening and learning. They hear how their father speaks to mom, they see how he treats her, and they feel the emotions in the room.

Even if they are too little to express what they see, they notice the tenderness, patience, and respect. They watch how their dad manages relationships inside and outside of the home.

Sons will learn – by example- how to treat family members, and daughters will learn how they should be treated by watching how their father interacts with others.

2) How to Handle Anger and Aggression

While children typically learn how to express love from mom, there is a very important emotional skill kids learn from dad.

Kids observe and learn how to handle conflict and anger by watching their father.

Also, it is shown that fathers who engage in rough and tumble play with their children, have a positive impact in the child’s developing self-regulation and emotion regulation.

Children who play more with their dads are also better able to control their aggression. This study reveals these children are less prone to emotional or physical outbursts when disagreements arise at school.

what kids learn from father

3) How to be a Leader and Problem-solver

Being a good father and husband takes leadership skills.

This includes the strength to lead and the ability to sometimes make tough decisions. That takes confidence, problem-solving skills, and respect.

Dads often approach problem-solving with a practical mindset, teaching their kids to think outside the box and explore alternative solutions. They encourage creativity and innovation, fostering a growth mindset in their children.

These problem-solving skills become invaluable as kids grow older and face more complex challenges in various areas of life.

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4) The Importance of Work-life Balance

Does dad come home from work and log back into his computer to finish things up? Or does he set it all aside and dive right into family time?

Another important life skill kids learn from dad is the ability to balance work and life.

Fathers who prioritize a healthy work-life balance teach their children the importance of family and self-care. They show their children that it’s possible to excel in their professional lives while also being present and involved in their family’s lives.

Fathers who spend quality time with their children demonstrate the significance of building strong family connections and creating lasting memories.

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5) The Significance of Strong Family Values and Priorities

In our home, for example, we focus on our faith, the importance of having dinner together daily, and scheduling time for just our family to bond.

Fathers lead by example and how they talk to their children.

Father figures play a crucial role in shaping their children’s values and morals. Through their words, actions, and guidance, fathers help children develop a strong moral compass.

Fathers often pass down family traditions and cultural values, and ethical principles, providing children with a strong foundation for making wise choices and navigating the complexities of life.

In our home, my husband is teaching our children how to garden, for example.

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Final Thoughts on What Kids Learn from Dad

Fathers provide a distinct perspective on navigating challenges and triumphs, offering a different set of experiences and insights.

By instilling values and leading by example, they become vital role models, nurturing children’s emotional intelligence and preparing them for the complexities of life – more than they may realize.

For me – it can be hard to watch my husband teach my two sons to be men. This sometimes includes hard lessons, honest conversations, and hardwork.

But I trust that he is teaching them how to be accountable, honest, and deal with adversity. And we need more of that in this world – and less $200 video games bills.

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